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Building a TikTok Shop channel for a brand: Successful and unsuccessful case studies

Building a TikTok Shop channel for a brand: Successful and unsuccessful case studies

Through successful and unsuccessful case studies from UpBase's channel-building team, brands will grasp the core factors influencing the success of a TikTok Shop channel. From there, they can formulate a proper strategy to build their TikTok Shop channel: establishing the channel for the right purpose, consistency in content, aligning with the brand's image and message to boost both branding and performance growth!

Case Study: Building the Alfasept Brand Channel – Health and Beauty

  • TikTok channel: Alfasept
  • Channel Building Timeline: From November 21, 2022, to the present
  • Label: Education
  • Concept: Acting with Text Overlay
  • Main Content: Issues revolving around couples (love, health, psychology, etc.)
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Why did the Alfasept case study achieve positive results early on?

Targeting the right target customer file: The brand's channel covered a wide range of viewers aged 18-24.

Content type and consistent presentation: Entertainment content that still provides value

  • Through scenarios, offering necessary measures or advice to viewers, tailored to their interests and age group
  • Suggesting uncommon ways or advice that few people know about (novel content, intriguing, valuable)
  • Presenting in a friendly, non-monotonous manner
  • Bold, intriguing, and stimulating content related to the channel's defined theme

Content with a consistent characteristic

  • Short, quick, concise, and clear
  • If addressing an issue directly, the scenes focus on the problem without being scattered, and if the issue can be resolved, a solution is provided
  • Action-oriented performance is predominant
  • Incorporate text/illustrations for easier visualization
  • Use trending music to increase engagement
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The challenges faced by the channel?

Due to the sensitive nature of the channel's content, revolving around love and couples, as the main product of the channel is a line of men's hygiene solutions.

  • Sensitive content prone to backlash => difficult to go viral, leading to suppressed channel engagement
  • SKU containing only hygiene solutions => difficult to integrate products

The solution UpBase proposed for the Alfasept TikTok Shop channel

The UpBase TikTok Shop channel-building team researched and proposed transitioning the channel account to a business account. Additionally, they suggested changing the content, while maintaining the concept: primarily focusing on informative content and sharing emotions. They aimed to counter the suppression of videos that had been flagged and cleverly integrate products into the content of the videos.

How to resist video sticks?

The UpBase team responds directly to notifications of flagged content in their inbox.

  1. Choosing the appropriate reason: "This penalty is too harsh for us"
  2. Go to privacy settings: Report Issue > Send direct complaint email about the case
Note: UpBase provides a reason focusing on content that serves as a warning, educational, non-intentionally offensive, and respects TikTok's policies.

Casestudy challenge: Dr. Papie - always in need of timely change solutions

For the content of the Dr. Papie TikTok Shop channel, the entertainment content and performance style are not trending. After a period of measurement on the channel, the UpBase team realized that the choice of content format and presentation style was not suitable for the target audience.

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Another reason the channel's content hasn't reached and attracted viewers is the lack of a key person. For a channel related to mother and baby products, the image of a young girl isn't truly suitable, lacks authenticity, and doesn't inspire enough confidence with mothers.

So, after seeing the problem that needs to be fixed, what is UpBase's solution?

  1. Change the content format to focus on sharing experiences and providing educational content
  2. Deliver the content in a friendly and supportive tone, resembling advice from a trusted friend. Use brief storytelling and visual illustrations to make it more engaging
  3. Collaborate with famous mothers through duets to evoke empathy and draw in a quality audience. This partnership leverages their influence to enhance engagement and credibility, attracting more viewers to your content
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TikTok Shop's Successful Case Study

Note when building a TikTok Shop channel for Brands

Content consistency

Absolutely, maintaining consistency in content and imagery is crucial for building brand recognition and credibility on TikTok. When your brand presents a consistent image and message across its channel, it helps reinforce your brand identity and makes it easier for viewers to recognize and remember your content. This consistency should extend across all aspects of your TikTok content, from the content format (such as tutorials, challenges, or storytelling) to the visual style (colors, fonts, and imagery) and even the tone of voice used in captions and narration. By aligning your content with your brand's core values and identity, you can create a cohesive and compelling presence on TikTok that resonates with your audience.

Avoid creating mixed content that does not follow any style/concept.

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Some important factors when choosing to create consistent content:

  • Appropriate image and video quality: uniform in content, style, brand colors, self-shot or copied videos,...
  • Key Person: individual/team presenting content for the video
  • Key Massage: the core message of the video and the entire channel

Content creation (video script)

  • Build a well-thought-out script
  • Ensure 3-5 videos per week to maintain a steady appearance frequency of the channel. 10-15 videos per month, not too many or too few

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Choosing the appropriate posting time slot

Recommended time slots for new channels are 11:30 AM to 12 PM, 6 PM, and 7 PM. However, it depends on the content and type of videos as well.

Note about TikTok's policies

It's important to adhere to TikTok's policies regarding content, community guidelines, and advertising regulations. This ensures that your content remains compliant and doesn't violate any of TikTok's terms of service, which could result in penalties or restrictions on your account.

See more: Content violations on TikTok

Key factors Brands need to determine to build channels

Determine channel goals

  1. First, the brand needs to determine whether the channel's goal is to sell or brand the product/brand.

Brand TikTok channel

  • Increase brand coverage and brand recognition on the platform/market.
  • Communicate the brand story/increase touchpoints and interactions with customers, thereby developing potential customer files for the brand.

Sale TikTok channel

  • Sales channel aimed at increasing product sales, producing promotional video clips for ads, and implementing campaigns
  • The GMV flow of the channel will come from: Affiliate marketing stores, product-linked video ads, and livestreams,...

2. Then, identify the target customer group according to the channel's goals: including age, spending level, product needs, favorite content,...

3. Identify the Label (content type) - Concept/Idea (presentation style)

  • Label: Segmenting content/delivery formats

For example: Entertainment or performance/lifestyle/educational...

Having a specific content label will make it easier for TikTok to recognize the channel and push more accurate reach.

  • Concept: the way of expression/style of presentation

Example: drama, daily vlog, video review, or music with text overlay... A consistent and unique content style helps viewers easily recognize the brand. Content with a well-crafted script facilitates viewers' understanding of product information conveyed through the videos.

  • Idea: Topics/issues explored and how they are developed into content

Identify product and customer factors, content direction

Identifying the product that will consistently appear across channels and then determining the target customer file accurately will help guide channel content direction accurately and achieve the best results.

  • Segment: Budget-conscious
    Age range:
    16 - 22 years old
    Occupation: Primarily students, with some entry-level workers
    Low spending/consumption habits

Content direction: Fresh and intriguing content that sparks curiosity. Trendy content addressing hot and controversial topics. Entertaining and emotionally engaging content.

  • Segment: Age group: 22 - 30 years old. Occupations: Students, office workers, or individuals with stable jobs. Average spending ranging from 5 to 10 million VND per month.

Content orientation: More interested in personal development and self-improvement content. Focus on learning and self-care, including health and beauty topics.

  • Content orientation: Interested in high-quality and informative content related to professional development, financial management, luxury lifestyle, and premium products and services.

Oriented content: news content on socio-economic issues, personal development, home care, family, lifestyle


Through the Casestudy that UpBase Blog shares based on real channel building experience. Brands can clearly see the most important factors affecting the channel's success including: channel building goals, target customers (target customers of both products and content on the channel), Label/ concept/idea of channel, customer, product, and content orientation.

All are aimed at helping the Brand's channel and the mentioned product have value/awareness in the hearts of followers, helping to attract potential customers. Consider these core values before continuing with the next steps. Wishing Brands success in building channels on TikTok Shop!

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