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How do international brands enter the Vietnamese e-commerce market?

How do international brands enter the Vietnamese e-commerce market?

A global toothpaste brand from Russia

SPLAT is a long-standing global oral care toothpaste brand. With high-quality products meticulously researched to address and care for various oral health issues, it has been dedicated to providing consumers with effective oral care solutions.

As of July 31, 2022, SPLAT has established Key Listings systems across the Southeast Asian region, both offline and online. This includes major retail chains such as Watsons (Philippines, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore), Con Cưng (Vietnam), The Guardian, as well as prominent e-commerce platforms like Shopee, Lazada, Amazon, and most recently TikTok Shop. With 20 years of business presence, SPLAT holds over 18.5% market share in Russia (domestic market). It operates 5 branch offices in Germany, China, the UK, Latvia, and Turkey. All SPLAT products undergo clinical trials in Switzerland, Japan, EU countries, and are certified in Europe under the Cosmetics Regulation.

Why are SPLAT products special?

For a toothpaste product, ingredients and effectiveness of use are two crucial factors that consumers are most concerned about. SPLAT consistently develops and manufactures oral care products with the best ingredients, in a professionally innovative manner.

The outstanding quality of the product features:

  • Premium natural ingredients up to 98%:

Natural ingredients, essential oils, and plant extracts are incorporated into the formulas of all SPLAT toothpaste, foam, and mouthwash products in an active form to maximize effectiveness, such as Active Calcis, Amorphous Hydroxyapatite, activated charcoal, enzymes,...

  • Innovative effective access:

The innovative approach to ingredients and product formulation is the result of SPLAT's extensive research efforts. Additionally, collaborations with peers and universities abroad have contributed to this. The Splatown formula is globally recognized (SP.WHITE SYSTEM, LUCTATOL).

  • High effectiveness:

Every product created in SPLAT's R&D laboratories aims to provide the most effective solution for various oral care issues. The efficacy of SPLAT has been clinically proven (Japan, Switzerland, UK).

Looking for a unit that supports e-commerce entry in Vietnam

The operating model in Vietnam that SPLAT is aiming for

For SPLAT, as an established brand with headquarters and branch offices in over 5 countries across different regions worldwide, approaching the Vietnamese e-commerce market (one of the fastest-growing e-commerce markets in Southeast Asia) involves aiming for operational models such as franchising, outright purchase, consignment, etc. These business models have been proven effective in helping the brand expand and grow in various countries.

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Choosing eCommerce Enablers with significant resources helps brands grow on e-commerce platforms

"Ecommerce Enablers are also an option for brands when entering new markets. An Ecommerce Enabler is a unit that ensures comprehensive INTERNAL RESOURCES from A-Z to develop market share for products in the new market. This includes human resources, data systems, marketing and affiliate networks, strategies, etc."

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Resources that Ecommerce Enablers have:

  • Human resources in the E-commerce industry with high expertise and local market understanding (the ability to apply research data focused on understanding consumers to discover key insights that drive demand).
  • Human resources are sufficient to meet the Brand's market expansion needs. From market research, strategy, product testing, inventory management, costs, purchasing and selling, Fulfillment,...
  • Large data sources ensure smooth operations: Data sources on industry insight, local e-commerce market (support resource network: for example affiliate network, KOC network,...)
  • Clear cooperation contract and development roadmap with the Brand/Brand (benefits between both parties and % profit on sales revenue).

Select UpBase Ecommerce Enablers

UpBase is a leading Ecommerce Enabler in Vietnam and the Southeast Asia region. It provides comprehensive solutions including services and software, developed based on practical experience and large data sources to help businesses succeed in e-commerce. SPLAT has chosen UpBase Ecommerce Enabler for its practical experience in e-commerce, strategic partner for over +150 brands, official partner of Shopee Premium Enabler Program, Lazada Partner, and TikTok Shop Partner.

Start with Operating on Shopee and Lazada Platforms

UpBase establishes official storefronts on Shopee and Lazada, optimizing and SEO-ing the storefront products. Then, it submits the two official storefronts on Shopee and Lazada. Attracting customers to the new storefronts with significant opening event promotions on both platforms. Additionally, during the initial period when internal traffic to the storefronts is low, UpBase boosts external traffic sources to support traffic: community deals, booking KOC KOL TikTok product reviews.

Reach customers with an Opening campaign

UpBase selects SPLAT Extreme White, the most popular, positively reviewed, and best-selling product of SPLAT on e-commerce platforms. SPLAT Extreme White is a teeth whitening toothpaste under the Special line. It contains ultra-fine particles that quickly and effectively whiten teeth. This product aligns perfectly with the needs of Vietnamese consumers, making it an excellent choice for KOC booking to boost and gain community popularity.

Visits exploded thanks to off-platform KOC

After the first booking, UpBase Ecommerce Enabler selects KOCs with videos that receive good interaction and continues to book a second time after 4 months - this is the time when users have experienced the product and can create Great product review effect in the community.

Revenue X5 times compared to normal days thanks to effective KOC Booking

After 3 months of operation, SPLAT's official storefront has achieved positive growth results:

Keeping up with the trend of Influencer Marketing and continuing growth alongside TikTok Shop

2.34 million product views, X47 times the GMV in the first month of deployment

With the position as one of the Top 10 official toothpaste storefronts on Shopee, SPLAT continues to collaborate with UpBase Ecommerce Enabler to deploy TikTok Shop. With promising growth results on Shopee thanks to external marketing and TikTok KOC booking, this promises to be a potential growth channel for SPLAT toothpaste.

The current status of the SPLAT TikTokShop storefront


  • Good product quality
  • Impressive, visually appealing packaging
  • The product has received positive feedback from many KOC TikTok reviews previously
  • The Shopee storefront has been operational for nearly 1 year, with good sales and positive reviews


  • The products on the TikTok Shop storefront have not yet garnered sales or reviews

SPLAT aims to establish a TikTok Shop to expand its market reach, thereby accessing new customer bases and increasing market share.

UpBase's deployment solution for SPLAT's TikTok Shop

Setting up the official storefront, standardizing imagery

After setting up the SPLAT TikTok Shop storefront, ensuring image standardization is crucial. Especially, it needs to be synchronized with images, prices, and information on other e-commerce channels such as Shopee, Lazada.

Learn more: Register for a trial of UpBase SMEs software with multi-channel synchronization feature.

Continuing to strengthen Influencer Marketing for the storefront with KOC booking

The reason UpBase promotes Influencer Marketing:

  • Increasing Brand Awareness for the Business
  • Building Trust with Customers and Partners
  • Bringing in potential customers and high-quality leads
  • Building credibility for the product and increasing revenue growth
  • Improving ROI: Some studies suggest that for every 1 dollar spent on Influencer Marketing, businesses yield 6.5 dollars

UpBase selects suitable products for the TikTok Shop customer base for KOC booking.

Conducting product research/analysis

  • Selecting a product for booking
  • SWOT analysis
  • Identifying the Unique Selling Proposition (USP) of the product

Sample content listing:

  • Creating listings for viral content featuring similar products

Competitor analysis:

  • Brand
  • Price
  • Competitor's deployment format of content
  • The brand's KOC booking strategy
  • The approximate number of air clips on TikTok for that product
  • The product's key message conveyed through digital content


  • The product plan
  • The product brief to guide KOC direction
  • Brand Guidline

Guidance on content deployment aligned with brand messaging

Booking Plan

  • Booking objectives
  • The desired number of KOCs
  • The target audience for KOC deployment
  • Projected revenue
  • List KOC

The SPLAT Extreme White, SPLAT Blackwood, SPLAT White Plus products are campaigns that have successfully booked KOCs on TikTok, receiving significant interest and orders from consumers.

The solution for the next phase to drive growth for the SPLAT TikTok Shop storefront

UpBase will continue to capture the latest e-commerce trends, operating and optimizing the solutions that have proven highly effective.

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With UGC content on the rise, influencer marketing trends are booming thanks to the growth of the TikTok social network. UpBase will continue:

  • Booking additional new heroes alongside the heroes that have set trends in the past, while maintaining current performance.
  • Hosting regular weekly livestreams and optimizing livestreams with the goal of increasing revenue per livestream.
  • Running ads: Creating ad campaigns, increasing budgets, and optimizing them for each campaign.

Achieving 2.34 million product views, 276 thousand reach, and X47 revenue in the first month of deployment

International brands can choose reputable Ecommerce Enablers with sufficient resources that provide operational models suitable for the potential of their products/brands in the target market for collaboration and development.

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